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All we want for Christmas is the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

$3.1B is lost each year as farms are unable to plant, harvest or process their crops due to the labor shortage. Just about every grower I know has a heartbreaking story of having to leave their crops unpicked. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act would

  • Allow farmworkers to seek legal status in the US

  • Make the H2A program more flexible

  • Require e-verify (though thankfully only after providing legal status to existing workers)

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Six Questions Every Ag Employer Should Ask Themselves About Sexual Harassment (Part 1)

With a new bombshell dropping nearly every day implicating celebrities, politicians and business leaders in sexual harassment, employers may be starting to break a sweat. Agriculture isn’t exempt. In fact, female farmworkers are especially vulnerable with 60 percent reporting having experienced sexual harassment.

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