Keeping our food system strong during these uncertain times. Communication is key.

Dear friends,

Together we are experiencing truly trying times as the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to affect our communities and businesses. The processing of H2A visas is still uncertain and this might further affect agricultural companies with labor shortages. In these difficult times, it’s truly important that our food system stays strong. We are thankful for all of the people in the agricultural and food processing companies who are working so hard to bring food to everyone’s tables. 

To address the current challenges, communication is key: 

Addressing labor shortages:

The best hires are often people that know your company already. If you have phone numbers from previous employees (usually on your payroll system), you can use our mass messaging tool to call them back in just a few seconds. They’ll receive text messages with your current job openings. 

Communicating with your employees:

You may also send time-sensitive and important text messages about health and safety, food safety, and any new company measures. 

We know that communications with your people right now are time-sensitive so we’ll work our hardest to get you set up quickly so you can start sending those important messages. 

Reach out to Alex at for more information. 
Take care of yourself and each other. 

The Ganaz Team.