Save costs associated with paper checks using a payroll card specifically designed for ag.

Paper paychecks cost employers $400M annually.¹


Payroll Cards

  • Save money, time, and resources needed to process and distribute traditional paper paychecks to multiple locations.

  • Eliminate costs from check fraud, postage for mailing checks, and replacement of lost/stolen paper checks.

  • Direct deposit wages into employee paycard accounts.

  • Dedicated in-house bilingual Customer Service for any Payroll Card related issues.

  • Quickly scan, issue, and activate payroll cards to employees.

  • Easy management with the Ganaz Platform and a dedicated support team.

  • Save time on reconciliation.


How does the Payroll Card work?

Customer Testimonials

“Ganaz is with us every step of the way, I feel a lot better going this route instead of wrestling with our past paycard provider.”

Sherri Burris, HR Compliance Manager

Above The Dirt

“The efficiency to have everybody on direct deposit or payroll cards is going to be wonderful. I can’t imagine how anybody else would still keep printing out checks.”

Olivia Juarez, HR Manager


Cardholder Testimonials

“[If] you carry cash maybe you could lose it, but with your card, if you lose it, you could replace it for another one and your money is there.

Aurora Vega, Crew Supervisor


“[With checks] you wait in line about 20 to 30 minutes, and with the card you get to an ATM, it’s available, you withdraw [cash], or you go inside [the bank] and it’s faster.

Mauricio Vega, Crew Supervisor


¹Source: Ganaz estimates based on $1.65 paper paycheck processing costs for food processing and agricultural employers

The Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International.