Ganaz Named AgTech Finance Platform of the Year


We are honored to announce that Ganaz has received the 2022 AgTech Finance Platform of the Year award by AgTech Breakthrough.

Our team continues to work very closely with ag employers and HR professionals to understand challenges in the hiring process. Earlier this year, these insights, coupled with our team's hard work, enabled the development of an innovative payroll card with features built for the realities of agriculture.

Ganaz has recently launched another breakthrough financial innovation - digital paystubs. Now, ag employers can deliver digital paystubs to cardholders without an email, login/password, or mobile app. 

The Ganaz payroll card is the first to enable farmworkers’ text-based access to a digital paystub.  Farmworkers also benefit by receiving a detailed version of their paystub, allowing them to review piece rates in detail so any discrepancy can be easily reconciled with the payroll manager.

With the first payroll card designed for ag enabling text-based access to digital paystubs, Ganaz is demonstrating its commitment to financial solutions that delight both growers and farmworkers.

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About Ganaz

Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card is an added feature to the Ganaz People Management Platform driven by customer feedback. It is part of Ganaz’s commitment to helping create safer, fairer, and more profitable workplaces while providing the financial services needed to help workers forge a path out of poverty. Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card demos are available now; book at

Founded in 2017, Ganaz is a Public Benefit Corporation. The company offers a wide range of tools and services under its Ganaz People Management Platform. It is designed to build well-being and prosperity for workers and industry by creating software that addresses shared pain points between employers and employees.