Ganaz H2A Program Header - H-2A worker harvesting cherries and applies on a ladder in Washington

Full service labor solution with integrated workforce tools.

Customers report enjoying transparency and efficiency from start to finish.


H-2A Program

  • End-to-End Visibility: Peace of mind that your workforce needs are covered, and reliable employees are en route.

  • Ready to Work: Reduce lag between H-2A arrival and production with digital onboarding, activated payroll cards, and training delivery.

  • Extended Services: Leverage our full suite of Ganaz tools to support your program and engage with your workforce throughout the season.


Audit-Ready Anytime

Full visibility to ensure a successful H-2A program.

H-2A program software - contract filing tracker

“We loved the milestone tracker, it was helpful to refer back to during such a busy time of year. For someone that uses the Ganaz hiring tool, why wouldn't you go with Ganaz for H-2A? I really like that it's a one-stop shop. You've got all your paperwork there in one central location.”

-Tiffany Davis, Business Manager, K&K Land and Management

Ganaz H2A Program Worker tracker and profiles

Customer Testimonials


“Having you issue the Payroll Card and do the worker training in Mexico before they get here was a huge help–it saves us a lot of time. Especially during harvest season, we just don't have any extra margin of time, so having most of the training done before they arrived was amazing. You don't know how much you took off my plate.” 

Tiffany Davis, Business Manager

K&K Orchard Management