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Communication tools to manage your workforce
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Communicating with hundreds of workers across multiple sites is tough.

You can spend hours calling supervisors who spend hours calling workers when they could be doing essential tasks. You can never be sure your message is delivered accurately to everyone. Workers change their numbers frequently. And supervisors leave, often taking with them the relationships & contact information for dozens of workers.

Ganaz lets you communicate easily with all of your workers. In just seconds you can:

  • Send a translated message to all of last years workers with details on the upcoming season to be sure they return to your farm
  • Send schedule changes, locations and training videos
  • Send reminders, announcements and recognition for a job well done
  • Hear questions & feedback from your workforce and respond quickly
We are going to start work at 9am tomorrow due to rain. No problem, see you then! Got it! Thanks.

Powerful features, easy to use.

  • Message thousands of workers at once and manage multiple individual conversations.
  • Automatically translate between languages—read and write messages in your preferred language and tweak our translations before you send
  • Sort your workers into groups, import/export their data into spreadsheets, and edit their information in bulk