Save time and money with paperless onboarding.

Customers report an average reduction of 72% on time spent onboarding farmworkers.¹


HR Onboarding

  • No pen. No Paper. Easily scan workers' IDs to complete onboarding forms legibly and accurately.

  • Save time with one fully compliant Electronic Signature for all forms.

  • Digitize all worker handouts, deliver by text message.

  • Work with your existing hiring packet and build a custom onboarding experience.

  • Save hours of data entry by exporting data into payroll software.

  • Securely store worker information for better compliance in the cloud and eliminate filing cabinets.


How does HR Onboarding work?



Customer Testimonials

What would normally take me four or five hours to put in, I can do in just a matter of minutes. Ganaz, for that very reason alone, has been a huge savings for this company.”

Steve Bradbury, Payroll Manager

FirstFruits Farms

“I would recommend other growers to use this platform. They would use less staff in the office; a single person can do the paperwork for 20 - 30 [farmworkers] in less than half an hour.

Jose Garcia, Area Manager



¹Source: Ganaz field trials completed on January 12, 2022.