K&K Land and Management

“I would definitely recommend Ganaz, it's made the hiring process so much easier and helped us with filing and keeping track of things and return workers; that's made that considerably easier, also.

Many of our employees return year after year, and every year we'd have to fill out new paperwork. With Ganaz, we've been able to expedite that, and it also makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing that our guys are receiving their manuals and so on and so forth. And hopefully taking a little closer look at them, than when we would hand them out on paper.

So I would definitely recommend Ganaz.

Dane Klindt, Owner, K&K Land and Management

Ganaz is extremely easy to use for the hiring process, for enrolling into payroll cards, they have made it so user friendly. And it works really well with integrating into payroll systems so you're not having to sit there for days entering all their W-4 and I-9 information.

The customer service has been great working with Ganaz, if any issues arise, they're the first to jump on it and help us through any problems that we might have.

The communication tool has been really great to use as well regarding like places that we're going to pick or when we think our season's going to start. That sort of communication that in the past was really difficult to have and kind of make it more efficient for the worker and for us.

Tiffany Davis, Business Manager, K&K Land and Management


I would recommend Ganaz. In our industry, we have to onboard a lot of people in a short amount of time. Given the nature of harvest. Using the Ganaz app for the onboarding, sign-up, and all the required state paperwork, it's a lot less paper to have to be shuffling around. It's all in one small device and it speeds up the process considerably and gets people right to work without all the extras of filing and losing papers. It's a very good system.”

Ian Chandler, Orchard Manager, K&K Land and Management


So I would recommend Ganaz because it is efficient, easy to use, and also, I think having a team that is bilingual just kind of provides us as a company with ease; but also, our employees.

Monica Zipprich, HR Representative, K&K Land and Management