A Hiring Manager’s Perspective

As the peak hiring season approaches many managers may have nightmares of onboarding horror stories; missing information, missing signatures, or missing paperwork altogether!

We had a quick chat with Jose Garcia, an Area Manager for NWFM, an apple and cherry grower in the Benton City, Washington area. Jose, like many other Hiring Managers, would hire from his truck, in the field, carrying stacks of paperwork. He gave us a window into his experience as a Hiring Manager and the hiring process. Perhaps his perspective and solutions will help you with a successful and horror-free hiring season.

We first asked about the problems NWFM faced when using traditional pen and paper to do its hiring.

“More than anything, the problem we had was time,” said Jose. He continued by explaining, “because we invested a lot of time per person because there were a lot of papers to fill out. And sometimes we spent up to ten minutes filling out [paperwork] and having the person sign.”

10 minutes to hire one person may seem doable, but when you multiply that by a group of 20-30 farmworkers, it adds up to 3-5 hours! That means worker #30 has been waiting around for a very long time and could be susceptible to leave for the farm down the road that’s able to hire them right away.

As Jose mentions in the video, traditional paper hiring also means workers have to fill out and sign multiple forms. With a software platform like Ganaz HR Onboarding, there's only one signature required, making it clearer for workers and faster for hiring managers.

Says Jose, “I would recommend other growers to use this platform. In the first place, they would use less staff in the office; a single person can do the paperwork for 20 - 30 [farmworkers] in less than half an hour. Until now, I have not found another platform, or another company, that offers me these services.”

While Jose continues to hire from his truck, he no longer has stacks of paper. He now does it all right from his phone making it a better experience for both hiring managers and workers.

We’re interested in hearing if you have similar experiences to Jose’s or other pain points we can help with. Call us at (831) 200-3313 or book a discovery call with our team.