Ganaz Announces Launch of Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card

Significantly Reduces Payroll Expenses for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries

Seattle, WA — March 14, 2022 Today, Ganaz announced the launch of the Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card, enabling employers and workers in the agriculture and food processing industries to finally move to digital payments as most other industries have done. 

Agriculture and food processing are some of the last industries to move away from paying people with paper checks. Many workers are still unbanked, making it hard to implement 100% direct deposit. The cost of paper checks to workers and employers is staggering; industry-wide, it adds up to more than $1 billion of wealth that farmers and workers are losing each year

Given how slim margins can be for growers and how hard it is to attract and retain labor in agriculture, keeping that wealth in the pockets of growers and workers is critical,” said Hannah Freeman, Co-Founder and CEO at Ganaz.


Positive Impact for Employers and Workers

Ganaz customers have already benefited from deploying the Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card. Above The Dirt, LLC, an apple, cherry, and pear grower in Washington, recently committed to switching all 500 employees in the Quincy area from their current paycard to the Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card. The Ganaz paycard will enable Above The Dirt to do 100% digital enrollment and activation, saving significant time when enrolling both H-2A’s and domestic workers. Digital paystub distribution is coming soon so that payday becomes even easier to manage.

Workers also benefit from the Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card, including multiple ways to access cash without incurring fees, financial education content, and user-friendly access to card balance and transactions via text message and WhatsApp. Cardholders can access Ganaz's multilingual in-house customer service, and rolling out shortly; they’ll also be able to send money abroad directly from their Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card account.

“Ganaz is with us every step of the way,” said Sherri Burris, HR Compliance Manager, Above The Dirt, LLC. “I feel a lot better going this route instead of wrestling with our past paycard provider.”

About Ganaz

Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card is an added feature to the Ganaz People Management Platform driven by customer feedback. It is part of Ganaz’s commitment to helping create safer, fairer, and more profitable workplaces while providing the financial services needed to help workers forge a path out of poverty. Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card demos are available now; book at

Founded in 2017, Ganaz is a Public Benefit Corporation. The company offers a wide range of tools and services under its Ganaz People Management Platform designed to build well-being and prosperity for workers and industry by creating software that addresses shared pain points between employers and employees.

Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card is issued by Sutton Bank pursuant to license by Mastercard International.


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