Improving the H-2A Experience for both Growers and Workers: Ganaz Introduces Comprehensive H-2A Program

The H-2A Program: Navigating Labor Challenges

In recent years, interest in the H-2A program has surged, with visa issuances nearly doubling between 2017 and 2022. This trend is intriguing, given the program's inherent complexities and costs. Growers turn to the H-2A program when the reality of the labor shortage outweighs the expenses and challenges with compliance linked to hiring H-2A workers. Despite the associated costs, the program has the potential for a strong return on investment when growers find high-quality, productive foreign workers to fill the labor gap. To harness this potential, however, growers need a reliable recruiting partner capable of selecting and preparing the best workers.

Ganaz's H-2A Program: Technology-Powered and Mission-Driven

Drawing on years of research involving conversations with growers, retailers, recruiters, and workers and a successful pilot season in Summer 2023, Ganaz is excited to announce the expansion of its H-2A program. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Ganaz is committed to leveraging technology to enhance the well-being of the industry, workers, and local communities. When executed effectively, the H-2A program not only provides growers with a dependable workforce but can also transform lives and communities through economic opportunity. 

This first contract with Ganaz was the smoothest contract we’ve ever had. It was a really solid process from A to Z.
— Tiffany Davis, Business Manager, K&K Orchard Management

The Ganaz H-2A program is built on three key pillars:

  1. End-to-End Visibility: Providing peace of mind that your filings and employees’ arrival are on track and that ethical recruitment practices are in place at every step along the way. 

  2. Ready to Work: Ganaz recruited workers are more prepared thanks to comprehensive training in Mexico, and we can save you time by completing their onboarding paperwork, presenting your training content, and issuing payroll cards in Mexico. 

  3. Extended Support: Equipping growers with integrated tools to engage and assist the H-2A workforce throughout the year.

Exploring the Pillars in Detail

End-to-End Visibility:

Bringing up H-2A workers involves navigating complex regulations, paperwork, deadlines, and logistical challenges that span international boundaries. Often, employers find themselves in the dark regarding various aspects of this process, leading to questions such as:

  • What information and documentation do I need to provide and when?

  • Will I receive timely approval from relevant government entities?

  • What is the status of my returning workers?

  • Are new recruits screened for their abilities, skills, motivation, and character?

  • Can I trust that workers didn't pay illegal fees?

Ganaz's platform addresses these concerns by offering transparency in both the filing process and worker recruitment, empowering employers with the knowledge to navigate these intricacies seamlessly.


Ganaz’s platform offers you visibility into each step in the filing process. By knowing exactly what we need from you on what timeline, you can rest assured the filing process will go as smoothly as possible.


We loved the milestone tracker, it was helpful to refer back to during such a busy time of year.  For someone that uses the Ganaz hiring tool, why wouldn't you go with Ganaz for H-2A? I really like that it's a one-stop shop. You've got all your paperwork there in one central location. 

- Tiffany Davis, Business Manager, K&K Land and Management



Transparency is essential, especially when dealing with cross-border recruitment. Most U.S.-based recruiters rely on Mexican intermediaries, who in turn rely on networks of formal and informal recruiters. This long supply chain creates opportunities for corruption and misinformation, especially when there are so many workers that would love to get access to an H-2A visa. To counter this, Ganaz works with a small network of trusted colleagues with strong ties to the communities of origin from which we recruit. This team has dedicated their professional lives to community development and worker well-being. We also build in anti-corruption training & reporting mechanisms for workers, reducing the chances of bribes and corruption.

Ganaz gathers extensive data on each candidate and conducts a rigorous selection procedure. The resulting transparent assessment scores provide employers with a quick overview of candidates' strengths across various categories, ensuring the best-suited candidates are chosen for the job.


Ready to Work:

Ganaz devotes time and attention to detail to save you time and to prepare H-2A workers for high-quality work and high productivity on arrival. Ganaz workers are prepared with:

  • Clear expectations: we make sure each candidate understands the demands of the job they’re applying for, the conditions of work and other details. We can add your messages to this training. 

  • Training & orientation: we train selected workers on H-2A program basics, rights and responsibilities, basic financial management, living in the US, the Ganaz Mastercard Payroll Card, sending money home, and tools for filing income taxes. We can also present your training content and capture records of their training on ladder safety, worker protection standards and more. 

  • HR digital onboarding: we can handle all of their paperwork, including attesting to the I9 and filling out FORM SS-5 before they arrive at the farm. Those documents will appear immediately in your Ganaz account. 

  • Payroll Card: we pre-issue payroll cards so they’re ready to receive reimbursements and paychecks upon arrival.  


“Having you issue the Payroll Card and do the worker training in Mexico before they get here was a huge help–it saves us a lot of time. Especially during harvest season, we just don't have any extra margin of time, so having most of the training done before they arrived was amazing. You don't know how much you took off my plate.” 

Tiffany Davis, Business Manager, K&K Orchard Management 


Ag worker with H-2A visa and payroll card.

Ganaz completing pre-arrival hiring, onboarding, and training.

Extended Services:

Ganaz’s support doesn’t end on arrival. Included in your H-2A services are built-in tools to support and interact with your H-2A workforce throughout the entire year. You can access centralized digital records and legal forms on demand. You can control and document communication via 2-way translated messaging to engage your workforce throughout the season and after they return home. In addition, the Ganaz MasterCard Payroll cards with integrated remittances streamline payday and offer employees a secure way to receive, spend, and send wages home at some of the best rates in the industry. 


Ganaz's innovative H-2A program tackles the diverse challenges growers face when employing foreign labor. By providing transparency, prepared workers, and ongoing support, Ganaz empowers growers to navigate the H-2A process confidently, ultimately benefiting from a high-quality and productive workforce.