Keyword Reports

Keyword reports are a great way to get a list of workers to raise their hand for anything that you are looking for. You can be as creative as you want but some examples are lists of workers that:

  • Are interested in an open job.

  • Are attending a company event.

  • Will be going to a hiring day.

To set up this report follow these steps:

  • Think about your keyword (ie. “Interested”, “Attending”, etc.)

  • Tell your Account Manager

    • Your selected keyword.

    • The email address where you’d like to receive the report.

    • When / How often you'd like to receive it.

  • Message your workforce with your question and tell them to respond with the selected keyword such as “interested” if they want to be in the list.

You’ll receive an email with a list of workers, including their names, worker ID, and phone number.