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Ganaz Announces Launch of Digital Pay Stubs, an Innovative Feature of the Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card

Significantly Reduces Payroll Expenses for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries

Seattle, WA — August 24, 2022 Today, Ganaz announced the launch of digital pay stubs, an innovative new feature of the Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card, enabling employers and workers in agriculture and food processing industries to finally move to a fully digital payday.

Agriculture and food processing are some of the last industries to move away from paying people with paper checks and printed pay stubs. Many workers are still unbanked, making 100% direct deposit hard to implement. Payroll cards allow farmworkers to receive their pay electronically without setting up a bank account while saving employers the money, time, and resources needed to process and distribute traditional paper paychecks to multiple farm locations. 

Historically, one challenge with payroll cards has been paystubs. While in theory, workers can access paystubs electronically, in practice, workers are often reluctant to open email accounts needed to receive digital paystubs, citing issues with technology, usernames, and passwords. Lack of e-mail access for the workforce means that farms offering payroll cards usually have to continue printing and distributing pay stubs, costing the company time and money.

“ I had been trying to move away from paper checks for years; the hangup was always getting paystubs to our workers,”  said Tiffany Davis, Office Manager at K&K Land and Management. Ganaz has now solved this problem with the first paycard that enables digital paystubs without requiring employees to create email accounts or download a mobile app. 

Digital Pay Stubs Benefit Employers and Workers

Ganaz customers have already benefited from deploying the Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card with digital paystubs. K&K Land and Management, an apple, cherry, and pear grower in Washington, recently started delivering their Datatech pay stubs electronically to workers via a text message from Ganaz linked to the secured Cardholder Portal. 

“Having the ability to send digital paystubs has saved me HOURS worth of work, money on checks, ink, and support staff to stuff checks/paystubs and hand them out,” Tiffany continues by adding, “Moving away from paper checks ensures the correct employee receives their money and paystub without having to dedicate hours of work to it. It also alleviates the rush at the end of harvest to get checks to [H-2A] workers before they head home.” The Ganaz paycard coupled with digital pay stubs will enable K&K Land and Management’s payday to be easier and faster. 

Workers also benefit from digital pay stubs. Along with text message notifications for payday and card transactions, they’ll receive secured links to their Cardholder portal, with easy and instant access to all pay stubs associated with their payroll card deposits.

About Ganaz

Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card is an added feature to the Ganaz People Management Platform driven by customer feedback. It is part of Ganaz’s commitment to helping create safer, fairer, and more profitable workplaces while providing the financial services needed to help workers forge a path out of poverty. Ganaz MasterCard® Payroll Card demos are available now; book at

Founded in 2017, Ganaz is a Public Benefit Corporation. The company offers a wide range of tools and services under its Ganaz People Management Platform. It is designed to build well-being and prosperity for workers and industry by creating software that addresses shared pain points between employers and employees.

About Datatech

Datatech builds Ag Software designed to handle Payroll, HR, Sales, Inventory, and Accounting for the Ag industry. If you work in Ag, you know how difficult it is to run these businesses successfully. Laws and regulations for the Ag industry are only increasing. This is taking a toll on so many businesses that do not have the right tools to keep up. Datatech works hard to meet the ever-changing needs of growers, labor contractors, wineries, and produce packers, shippers, and brokers. Every software package is tailored to meet the needs of your business. Visit to request a free consultation.

The Ganaz Payroll Card is issued by Sutton Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard. Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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Tiffany Davis, Office Manager, K&K Land and Management

Tiffany Davis, Office Manager, K&K Land and Management

Farmworker checking their pay stub on their cell phone in the farm picking cherries

Farmworker checking their paystub while harvesting cherries in the orchard.

Ganaz Payroll Card is text-based through SMS text or WhatsApp - Text Command to access Cardholder portal

Text-based through Text or WhatsApp. Text Commands issue secured web link to cardholder portal.

Ganaz Payroll Card Dashboard - Paystubs

Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card - Cardholder Dashboard - New Paystubs

Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card - Pay stub list screen

Example of Pay Stub courtesy of

Example of a displayed .pdf pay stub, courtesy of

Hannah Freeman - Ganaz Co-Founder and CEO

Hannah Freeman, Ganaz Co-Founder and CEO

Why did you start Ganaz?

My whole career has been driven by the belief that you can build a virtuous cycle between workers, employers and downstream retailers and consumers. I was at Fair Trade USA for many years building that belief into a thriving market for Fair Trade produce. And while I was there, I watched farmworkers adopt cell phones and then smart phones. The industry was trying to solve huge problems including a painful labor shortage, food safety, and compliance with complicated labor laws. White collar industries had their pick of incredible people platforms like Gusto. But in agriculture, there wasn’t a single software platform that had figured out how to serve this industry well–to help it run more efficiently and take better care of its workers. I figured we could build that and build it better than anyone else because we intimately understood each part of the supply chain and really cared about each of them.

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The fourth panelist was Hannah Freeman of Ganaz, Inc., who was a former worker advocate. She explained that Ganaz has built a workforce management platform that helps employers maintain a connection with their workers through their smartphones during and after the season. She said constant communication with your workers is the best way to get them to come back the following year. The two-way texting also allows the worker to express concerns and keep the employer ahead of the game when there are issues.

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