Sick / Absent and Late Reports

If you currently have your employees calling into a phone number to report if they'll be sick/absent or late, Ganaz can make it nearly effortless for both the company and the worker.

Rather than leaving a 3-minute voicemail about all their awful symptoms or calling your crew leader at 5am, workers just send a text such as "I'm out sick today with the flu."

Our system looks for keywords such as "sick" and "late" and generates an excel report with the employee ID, phone number, message content, and the groups that worker belongs to (e.g. ranch name, supervisor name).

To set up this report follow these steps:

  • Tell your Account Manager who to email that report to and how often you'd like to receive it.

  • Train your workers to send a text message including the selected keyword such as “sick” instead of calling the office or supervisor.

Voilá! your office staff just got 3 hours of their day back.