Ganaz ID Scanner App new version provides a seamless HR Onboarding experience.

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Ganaz ID Scanner App Version 11 Release

5 Major Improvements

  • All-in-one onboarding experience from the app.

  • 2 new documents supported: Employment Authorization Card (EAD) & State ID.

  • Simplified Rehire Process

  • Automatic app updates. 

  • Sizable behind the scenes updates (for faster performance). 

Update the app on all your devices today


All-in-one onboarding experience from the app.

We listened to you! Going from the app to the web with the different browser tabs was a bit confusing. Now you will have a seamless employee hiring/onboarding experience, all from your installed app. 

You can still access the web platform from your computer or tablet for communication, surveys, managing people profiles, and reviewing your final documents.

2 new documents supported.

Now you can scan Employment Authorization Cards (EAD)  and State IDs.

Simplified Rehire Process.

The app now recognizes employee ID information that is already in the system so you can easily identify rehires as you scan their IDs and onboard them using the same employee ID number.

Automatic app updates. 

You will always have the most updated version of the app so you enjoy the latest features and improvements. Once you install this new version, our app will automatically look for updates and perform them when needed. 

Sizable behind the scenes updates.

Lots of improvements in the code behind the scenes so you can enjoy faster app performance. 


Update the app on all your company devices to get the latest features and improved experience. Go the App Store or Google Play and click on “Update”.

New to Ganaz?

With the Ganaz HR Onboarding tool, farms and food processing companies can easily onboard employees in a faster and paperless process. Scan employee IDs to quickly fill out all company onboarding forms and get secure digital signatures. Go here to watch a video where one of our customers, a big apple and cherry grower in WA, tells us how they used Ganaz to modernize their HR onboarding process.