Get more data on your workforce: Ganaz surveys

The Ag industry has one of the highest worker turnover rates. Industry insiders say that 150% to 250% annual turnover is not uncommon. That's why understanding the attitudes, challenges and feelings of farm workers is essential to your business.

You already know many different things about your workers but getting timely and reliable information about their satisfaction and commitment allows you to take action quickly and strategically to improve retention rates and make workers more productive and happy.

Many technology companies have tried for decades to create algorithms to predict how long an employee will stay in a company and so far experts find that survey results are far better predictors of employee behavior.  


  • Are a great way to get honest and targeted information.

  • Are great predictors of behavior.

  • Give employees the chance to feel heard.

  • Can be a way to find areas of risk.

  • Are a different way to positively influence workers. Many psychologists believe that asking questions can result in behavior changes.

All the information found is important for making decisions to further improve your hiring, management and retention policies and procedures.

What can you measure with surveys?

  • Employee experience.

  • Employee engagement.

  • Sentiment towards work and the company.

  • What motivates workers to stay?

  • What are some risks that might affect your workers and your reputation?

  • Recruiting satisfaction.

  • Food safety conditions.

  • Exit interviews and more.

Seeing how important surveys are to understand workers in order to improve worker retention; we recently added a survey tool to our platform. Our survey tool is unique in the industry. Workers receive surveys based on text messages, making them familiar and accessible. Companies can manage their surveys and data on the same Ganaz platform, along with the existing Ganaz messaging tool.

Workers receive surveys as text messages. The company sees the questions and results on the web platform.

Workers receive surveys as text messages. The company sees the questions and results on the web platform.

If you are a Ganaz customer, you can activate the survey tool through your Account Manager to start collecting key information about your workforce.


Ganaz is a time saving solution for streamlined and insightful communication with your workforce so you can have happier, more productive employees that stay every season.