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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Payroll Card In Agriculture?

Although the world is progressing by leaps and bounds, the ag industry is still unable to move to direct deposit for most of its workforce. Fortunately, payroll debit cards offer a convenient way to issue wages via direct deposit. However, we find that some farmworkers have an understandable fear of switching to payroll cards. To overcome those fears, we’re breaking down the advantages of payroll pay cards.

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COVID Education Resources for Employers and workers

While we’re finally seeing a flattening of the curve in the general population in the US, the reports of outbreaks among field and plant workers seem to be on the rise. In Mexico, where the virus arrived later than in the US, the number of newly infected people is still growing rapidly.

All of this coincides with the start of the harvest season in many crops in the US and Mexico, and the corresponding movement of people to pick those crops. H2As from Central Mexico are headed to California and Washington. Workers from Southern Mexico are headed to Northern Mexico for the grape harvest.

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What's your Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score was introduce by Fred Reicheld in 2003 after several years of customer satisfaction research. Reicheld found that not only could you reduce your customer satisfaction surveys to a single question, but you could also use it to predict growth. “In fact, in most of the industries that I studied, the percentage of customers who were enthusiastic enough to refer a friend or colleague—perhaps the strongest sign of customer loyalty—correlated directly with differences in growth rates among competitors.”

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