Rehire employees

We have launched a new functionality in our Hiring Tool: Rehire on mobile. You are now able to search for a person already on Ganaz and complete a new hiring packet for them. This process preserves the employee’s previous information such as employee ID, phone number, etc making the process:

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Hiring Tool Update: Specify New Hire or Rehire

Many of our customers using the Ganaz Hiring Tool use payroll systems that require different processes to import employee data for New Hires vs Rehires (people already on their Payroll System). Now you will see a radio button at the top of the Hiring page where you can select whether this is a brand new hire or someone who has worked for the company in the past and already has a record on your Payroll System.

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COVID Education Resources for Employers and workers

While we’re finally seeing a flattening of the curve in the general population in the US, the reports of outbreaks among field and plant workers seem to be on the rise. In Mexico, where the virus arrived later than in the US, the number of newly infected people is still growing rapidly.

All of this coincides with the start of the harvest season in many crops in the US and Mexico, and the corresponding movement of people to pick those crops. H2As from Central Mexico are headed to California and Washington. Workers from Southern Mexico are headed to Northern Mexico for the grape harvest.

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One Employer’s COVID-19 Playbook

You might recognize Matt Roger’s name from his days as a Global Produce Coordinator at Whole Foods Market. Two years ago he traded that powerful job for the adventure of building a business in agriculture. He wanted to do farm labor contracting the right way. AgSocio’s stated purpose is to create value for farmers, farm workers, and the broader food industry by building a more just, safe, professional, and competitive agricultural labor employment system.

This week, Matt sent out a great newsletter to his stakeholders outlining their initial steps responding to the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting and how they’re working to keep their people healthy.

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Keeping our food system strong during these uncertain times. Communication is key.

Together we are experiencing truly trying times as the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to affect our communities and businesses. The processing of H2A visas is still uncertain and this might further affect agricultural companies with labor shortages. In these difficult times, it’s truly important that our food system stays strong. To address the current challenges, communication is key.

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All we want for Christmas is the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

$3.1B is lost each year as farms are unable to plant, harvest or process their crops due to the labor shortage. Just about every grower I know has a heartbreaking story of having to leave their crops unpicked. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act would

  • Allow farmworkers to seek legal status in the US

  • Make the H2A program more flexible

  • Require e-verify (though thankfully only after providing legal status to existing workers)

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Trump Backs House Bill Mandating E-Verify and Replacing H2A After Four Immigration Bills Fail in the Senate

In the wake of the failed Senate attempts, President Trump is now backing U.S. House Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s solution which mandates e-verify and overhauls the H2A program. Goodlatte’s bill addresses DACA, funds border security, ends chain migration, ends the visa lottery, and replaces the H2A program with the new H2C program.

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Interview with Superfresh Growers' Kristin Kershaw

Kristin Snapp of Domex Superfresh Growers has orchard work in her blood. She was just eleven years old when her dad told her to drive his truck....without any instructions other than to keep it out of the Roza Canal. At the age of twelve her first job was pruning fireblight out of a block of baby pear trees. The trees are no longer alive, but Kristin went on to have a big impact on the apple industry in eastern Washington, including serving as the Chair of the Government Affairs Committee of the Washington State Tree Fruit Association.

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